JMT Technology

Company profile

JMT company was founded in 2015 and our core concepts are "technology", "innovation", "environmental protection" and "quality".  company is committed to making every piece of "ordinary" non-woven fabric "extraordinary" with the joint efforts of its own product research and development team. We have our own factories and equipped with domestic advanced automatic production and processing equipment and testing equipment for non-woven products, mainly producing Spunlaced non-woven fabrics, ES hot-rolled non-woven fabrics, color catcher, washing sheet, cotton cosmetic cotton,  soft towel, industrial and household wiping cloth, dishcloth, medical online printing cloth, industrial filter non-woven fabric. The products are widely used in industry, agriculture, daily necessities, medical and health, clothing, artificial leather base cloth, electronics, etc. The company can customize non-woven fabrics according to customer requirements, provide OEM, ODM. The company has the technologies of anti-static treatment, antibacterial/antibacterial treatment, additional cleaning function treatment, water repellent, and flame retardant treatment, hydrophilic, and oil-repellent treatment. We established our brand, T-easy, which is committed to creating a "simple" but "unique" lifestyle for customers. The product design is simple but does not lose personality. At present, the products are super soft skin-friendly sponge towels, two in one washing and color absorbing film, makeup removing bubble towel, electrostatic precipitator cloth, kitchen cleaning cloth, and kitchen dishwashing cloth. The products are very innovative and have a sense of science and technology. The company is also committed to environmental protection. Its products are degradable and reduce water pollution and waste to the greatest extent. It not only brings convenience to customers' life but also lightens the burden on the earth's ecological environment.