JMT Technology

Our company has mastered a variety of finishing Finishing techniques, such as antistatic treatment,
antibacterial or antibacterial treatment, additional cleaning function treatment,  medical treatment, water repellent and flame retardant treatment, hydrophilic and oil-repellent treatment, etc.
The company's series of products have been approved by the SGS testing organization and obtained corresponding reports.
Societe Generale de Surveillance S.A
JMT's head office is located in Fuyang, Hangzhou. There are three manufacturing bases in Changkou Industrial Zone, Fuyang, Zhuji Industrial Zone and Zhuji Chengxi Industrial Zone, Shaoxing. The total area of ​​the base is more than 10,000 square meters and there are more than 300 employees.
Our company has an all-round talent team integrating equipment engineering, product multi-functional research and development, and industry senior titles, a management team with many years of management experience, and an operating backbone with many years of industrial manufacturing experience
Cooperative clients: Langsha, Proya, M'AYCREATE, BLD, Youziqian, GRACE, etc.

Production equipment: 2.4m hot rolling production line, absorbent cotton carding equipment, absorbent cotton roll production equipment, self-designed patented color-absorbing cloth production line, cosmetic cotton thick and flake manufacturing equipment, automatic cleansing towel folding machine,etc.
The main production of spunlaced non-woven fabrics, ES hot-rolled non-woven fabrics, color catcher, 2-in-1 aundry sheets, cotton tissue, makeup remover pads, industrial and household wipes, dishcloth, medical use printed fabric, industrial filter non-woven fabric
Factory Capacity
Our Brand
TJD is committed to creating a "simple" but "unique" life experience for customers. The product design is simple but wonderful. Our products include super soft cotton tissue, 2-in-1 laundry sheet, bubble pads for facial cleaning, electrostatic precipitator dishcloth, etc. The series of products are extremely innovative and has a sense of technology.
TJD is also committed to environmental protection. The products are degradable, which minimizes water pollution and water waste. While bringing convenience to customers' lives, it also reduces the burden on the earth's ecological environment.
Color Catcher
This product adopts environment-friendly and green porous three-dimensional structure non-woven fabric through advanced treatment so that the surface of the fiber is evenly equipped with super color absorption active factors, so that it has a strong color absorption and cross-dyeing function, and it can also remove the adsorbed dye factors. Securely lock on the fiber surface. And it has the function of adsorbing bacterial mites and fluorescent whitening agents.
2-in-1 Laundry Sheet
Add coconut oil essence surfactants, nonionic, anionic, and zwitterionic surfactants to the color absorption sheet, and solidify on the surface of the color absorption sheet to form a two-in-one laundry sheet. It has the functions of super decontamination, anti-cross-dyeing and color absorption, dust collection with mites, non-toxic, non-phosphorus, no fluorescent brightener, super concentration, low foam, and easy bleaching, economical and convenient to carry.